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Without a beat, there is no life.  Without a beat, there is no rhythm.  We all have a rhythm we crave. We all yearn for a beat that helps us feel… something, everything.   This is because the rhythm of your heart literally gives you life. Musical rhythms make you feel alive.  It comes in many forms and it speaks across all cultures, classes and age groups. Music is the universal language, which speaks to the soul.  The only thing tying your soul to this earth is your heartbeat. Without a beat there is no music. Without music, there is no life.

When I DJ I celebrate life through the language of music.  Each song in my set is a note in a greater symphony of chords.  Each symphony tells a different story. Though the stories told through the music may change with the environment, the celebration remains constant.  Out of many genres comes one master of the vibes, DJ PortaRock…